Friday, 23 August 2013

A lot to do with knitting

I am sewing like a secret agent today.  Again, it has to do with birthdays and whatnot.  Will take photos, when I am finished and after the presents are given to recipients.

I took some photos of other projects I have on the go and can't wait to finish.  I am often like a child writing her Christmas list when I scribble down what sweater/jumper projects I am going to tackle and in what order.  Huge fan of making lists.

This sweater project, photographed, is using laceweight yarn that I dyed.  I am knitting 2 strands together.  It is a top down, seamless raglan sweater for me.  When I run out of the lace yarn, I will use the merino silk 4 ply yarn (dark purple yarn in the photos)

The photos, of just the yarn, is lace weight yarn that I dyed and I am hoping to do the same.  Knit 2 strands together and make another raglan seamless sweater.  I dyed a 400 gram cone of lace weight yarn, only a few months ago.  Lexi likes to supervise all that I do.

John got a new cage for his budgies.  It is such a cool cage.  Never thought I would get excited about birds but I guess from learning from John.  I guess we both encourage each other's different interests.  He knows what interfacing is and lots of knitting terms.

Fall/Autumn feels like it is on its way.  I am making dinner and have some soup on the go for tomorrow's lunch.  Love soup and love the changing of seasons.  We might get some more warm days but I still fancy a bit of soup.  Tomorrow's soup du jour will be Carrot and Cumin made fresh with ingredients that I can tolerate.

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