Saturday, 9 August 2014

To Outlast

A bit of William James to start the morning!

I am rushing a bit here because I have to get ready to see family and I am trying to get things done before.  I need to grab a shower and I have a hankering for another cup of coffee.  We actually have no breakfast stuff (for me).  I took 2 frozen bananas out of the fridge (it's my new and recommended practice of freezing ripe bananas- you can use them for baking or making dairy free ice cream or whatever.  You might not feel like baking when they are ripe but they are there for when you want them) .  I took the 2 frozen bananas and put them through the food processor and had that for breakfast.  It was really yum!  I have to eat gluten and dairy free so I eat fruit or bacon for breakfast.

The sewing is part of what I did last weekend.  It is orange, lined and quilted.  I think it's cute and look forward to using it!

I'll have to figure out what I will sew tomorrow.  I think I have a few spare throw cushions but they are at my parents' house.

Had a really nice walk last night with John and Lexi.  We took a different route.  Might do that route a bit more.  Think it's a bit longer than our usual jaunt in the evening.

We're doing a deal note cards in the Ellie and Ada shop.  Four cards for ten euros!

Have a great Saturday!

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