Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Sometimes the most wild thing to do is let it be, let things be broken, accept them and not try to fix them.

One book, that I really enjoyed this year was Cheryl Strayed's Wild.  I thought it was a honest account of an interesting adventure.  I am curious to see how the movie will turn out.  I would love to go on a big hiking/camping trip, one that I could take John and Lexi.  I love to be out and about walking outside with my two loves.

I just threw together the ingredients in a jar to make some simple mustard.  This could be a start of something beautiful.  I get such satisfaction in making things myself.  Mustard is the top of my limited list of liked condiments.  I love many foods.  I am not a fussy eater but I wouldn't have much love for ketchup, brown sauce and barbeque sauce.  Having Crohn's doesn't allow me to eat as varied of a diet as I would like, this I don't mind most of the time.  This also has me making many of the foods that I do eat from scratch because some ingredients in processed foods I am unable to digest.

I haven't made the courgette loaf yet.  I got some  Dove's gluten free white flour yesterday.  Think we have a bumper crop of courgette/zucchini, so I am looking at recipes of courgette chutneys to make.  Last year, I had a lot of cooking apples after going apple picking and I reckon the best thing that I made and what was the most useful was the chutney.  I made apple butter also but I rarely eat gluten free bread.  I suppose I mostly use jam for baking.  I do want to make some berry or rhubarb jam.

I made mincemeat for mince pies last year.  It was amazing and smelled amazing, the house smelled like Christmas should but I don't know if I will make as much mincemeat.  I need to find some glutenfree suet.  The chutney was handy.  I gave some jars away and it was used a condiment and also as an ingredient in cooking chicken and salmon in the pan.  I guess I could always make a batch of apple butter and mincemeat then make a lot of chutney.

Need to let the mustard soak for a while.  I used black mustard seeds because that is all that I have here at the moment.  Looking forward to trying a few different mustard recipes.

How wild is that?

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