Friday 17 May 2013

Many Socks On The Go

One of my favourite things is hand knitted socks.  I pretty much only wear hand knitted socks.  I am going to start photographing more of what I am making.

I knit socks every morning after breakfast while reading my kindle and drinking my coffee.  I love reading and knitting my kindle.  I found it difficult to knit and hold a book open as I knit.  MacGyver could have learnt a thing or two from me, I tell you.  I was getting very creative with ways to keep the book open as I read using hair bobbins and whatnot.

I started sewing box bags so now I have more happy homes for my sock knitting.  I have big plans of starting socks and have the top, ribbed bit down and ready for a trip in a car or to the cinema.  As my 7th grade Social Studies teacher said 'Organisation is the key to success.'  I have a few pairs always on the go.  Can't wait till the organisation embraces other avenues of my life.

The pink socks were finished and photographed in Rome.  Was there in March 2013 on a family trip.  The green pair are modeled by the lovely Lexi.  I had 3 skeins of this yarn that I dyed.
The pair that Lexi is wearing was for my father.

I am going to cast on another pair of socks for my brother soon, as soon as I find a pair of needles not in use. I got a nice thank you on Facebook from him. He was delighted to put them on after work after coming in from a typical rainy, Irish winter night.

I have opened an <a href="http://"></a>Etsy shop called Ellie and Ada.  At the moment, I have some stitch markers for sale.  I am hoping to have more products for sale soon.  Have a Fun Friday!  It is sunny day here in Ireland, a rare and welcome gem!

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