Friday, 30 August 2013

A Year Older

I have had a great couple of days since I last wrote.  I went to my cousin's daughter's baptism.  It was great to see the family again and meet the new baby.  She is adorable.  I was eating celery that was part of the vegetarian food platter and she was staring up at me.  It was hilarious.  Perhaps, I chew louder than I thought.

I knitted baby Shannon another sweater and sewed up a box bag as a present.  Lexi is doing a final inspection.  The last photo is the most true to the actual colour.  I included some budgie shots.  John took these photos.

My birthday was on Monday.  My parents came over for a cup of tea then John and I went to Navan.  We went shopping.  It was so last minute but a lot of fun.  For dinner, I cooked up a steak and had a glass of red wine.  I don't need much.  I wasn't going to have cake but my Dad got some rhubarb and wanted a crumble so I got more rhubarb and made him a crumble and myself and John a gluten free crumble.  It was very tasty.  I guess that was my birthday cake.  I made the crumbles on Tuesday.  

It was the quietest birthday I had in a long time but I really enjoyed it.

What was funny was on my birthday, we were starving and waiting for a bus.  John went to Apache pizza and got a pizza and got all guilty because it was my birthday and I can't eat pizza.  I told him that it was nonsense and that it is useless to feel guilty.  It is not his fault that I can't eat gluten or dairy.  Birthdays don't change that fact, they only change my age.  (Anyway, I prefer steak to pizza!)

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