Thursday 19 September 2013

New Sweaters For Autumn

I have a habit of starting new sweaters!  I started this sweater and can't wait to finish it so I can start wearing it.  This is wine/aubergine/eggplant colour is one of my favourite colours.  The handspun was spun from batts from a couple of years back.  I spun it up when I got it but was saving it, I guess.
I know I knit the same style sweater all the time but I find it so wearable and I like mindless knitting so I can read, watch tv or talk.  The wool sweaters is my personal insulation in my cold house and has become part of my daily uniform of t shirt, jeans (and wool sweater.)
Tomorrow, I will be knitting a sweater with my friend Rachel.  We will be knitting a Top Down Raglan.
The budgie with Lexi is called Grizzly because he reminds me of a little blue bear. 

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