Wednesday 30 April 2014

Happy May Sale 20% off in Ellie And Ada Shop

Spring Sale! Enter COUPONCODE - HAPPYMAY and get 20% off all your purchases! This is a sale to say thanks and celebrate Spring/Summer 2014. The coupon expires June 1, 2014.  The sale is on from today till June 1, 2014.  The sale is here in my Ellie and Ada Etsy Shop.

I'm working on putting up new prints in the shop.  I am also working on new prints.  Today wasn't as nice, weather-wise in this neck of the woods so I worked inside all day.  Looking forward to relaxing and knitting this evening.  I'm watching Selfridges at the moment on Netflix.  I am going to finish the first sleeve of a cardigan, I have been working on.  V neck cardigan in 4 ply.  It might become part of my new summer uniform.

I treated myself to some Jane Richmond patterns so I can't wait to cast on a few new projects...  Must knit faster!  She has a sale on in Ravelry.  3 for 2 which is a great sale!  Her Linden mittens look great.  I don't have the best circulation so I almost wear mittens/fingerless gloves all the time and a pair of 4 ply weight mittens would be very welcomed addition to my collection of mittens.  Mittens, cowls and hats are great dog/Lexi walking gear.  The best part of having many hand knitted items in Ireland is, once your hat, scarf and mittens get wet in the rain, you can grab dry things for the next excursion.  The joys of being toasty and not wet and soggy.

 This Birds and Little Polka Dots.  It'll be in the Ellie And Ada Shop soon but it is already available on my Ellie And Ada Society6 Page.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Knitting Sweaters for the Sun

The weather here in Ireland has been lovely.  One must always make time and appreciate the good weather whilst we have it.  (It can rain a lot here in Ireland, in case you never heard.)  Also one should make hay while the sun shines, so I killed two birds with one stone and sat outside in the sun and drew in my notebook.

Last summer was lovely and not typical Irish weather.  It was funny because I was too warm for most of my sweaters.  When the evenings got cooler, I was too warm for my mostly worsted/Aran weight wardrobe of sweaters/jumpers.  I am now trying to knit more 4 ply/sock yarn weight sweaters and cardigans to wear when the evenings get cooler. 

As per usual, I have many sweaters on the go.

This is my mon-petit-gilet-raye.  I already have another one on the go and have a few other colour combinations planned for the next one(s).  I want to make the neckline a bit smaller.  I didn't bother with the waist shaping because I don't like fitted things around my waist. 

 I'm putting more prints in my Ellie and Ada Etsy shop.  I am also working on new prints. This is Majorie Blue.  It is available in the shop!

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Hello Again!

I know it has been awhile!  My laptop took an awful tumble and wouldn't turn on again.  Luckily, a family friend had the patience and fixed it for me.  All my unbacked up work and our photographs (so, so, so many of Lexi, our dog) were recovered.  It is amazing to have them all back.  I am very grateful and very thankful!  I should also say very lucky that I got it back.  My brother and his friend are to thank.

I took a break from the internet.  I went online from time to time but it was nice not be using the computer as much.

That's mostly the news.  I am still knitting away.  Still drawing, reading, cooking, and whatever other adventures with Lexi.