Thursday 3 September 2015

Handspun Hats

I love wearing and making hats.  I made this too big first so I had to rip it out.  I made it to fit a 20 inch head.  The thing is that my head is really 21 inches.  Hats are often too big or too small.  I really like the fit of this hat. I followed the same instructions/notes that I made to make another hat and I am unsure of it.  I think it might even be the colours.  I don't mind a slightly snug hat because when it is windy, your hat then doesn't act as a parachute.

The brim and the very top is handspun Shetland, that I spun myself.  It is naturally coloured.  I also purchased these Hedgehogfibres batts in 2012 and spun it.  I wasn't too happy with my spinning job.  I spun the batts quite bulky, which I don't always do but I am happy with this hat.  This hat goes well enough with my new garter stitch shawl.  Funny enough, my new shawl is also spun Hedgehogfibres merino and silk handspun with a tan sock yarn.

Both are keeping me warm as it seems to be getting cooler here in Ireland.

I am now on Instagram as Ellie and Ada.