Wednesday 25 March 2015

Feet and Flowers

This is a Notecard from the Roman Holiday Series.  You can find it at the Ellie And Ada Etsy Shop.  I love my cat figurine.  It was a lucky find at a second hand shop a couple years back.  I actually got myself this print on a tote bag from my Society Six page.  I love it so much and use it everyday.

Was going to do a granny square with a lot of sock scraps.  I stopped here a long, long time ago.  Laziness and uncertainty got the best of me.  I don't know if I want to knit/crochet another wool blanket.  I do love the look of an auld granny square, not going to lie.  What do folks do with sock yarn scraps?  I've knitted log cabin blankets with mine.  I might make a Lifesavers Cardigan with some of the sock yarn leftovers.  It is another Tanis Fiber Arts cardigan.  I mostly knit worsted/Aran or 4 ply yarns.  In Ireland, you pretty much need some sort of sweater or cardigan all year round.

The flowers are my pansies from last year.  Hardy Soldiers, I think they're going to be just fine this Spring.

Going to work on some soup and finish off a present of socks.  If you are a sock knitter and want a really handy chart of all the shoe sizes.  This way, at least this is what I think, if you know their shoe size, you can figure out their foot in inches or centimetres.  In my experience, it is hard to get people to measure their feet.  Funny but true!

Monday 23 March 2015

Winter Hibernation

It's very fair to say that I have been hibernating all winter.  This year, it is nice to see spring again and all the new things it brings.  I am excited about the longer hours and new projects to come.

Today is my day off.  I usually spend my days off walking Lexi, knitting, reading and watching Netflix.  I decided that I might start sharing what I have on my needles, my W.I.P.s.  W.I.P.s is knitter-speak for work in progress.


I am trying to concentrate on finishing this cardigan.  I am great at starting new knitting projects.  I am finished with the body and have started the first sleeve.  The pattern is Ombre by Tanis Lavallee.  This is her website/blog.  I dyed the yarn.  It is lace weight yarn held double.  It is a result of a dyeing experiment.  It has resulted in the knitted fabric to be a bit marled.  I am not following the gradient directions this time around.  ( I would love to do this pattern again)

The box of tricks are some stitch markers that I made and the scissors are a prize from a Christmas cracker from a zillion years ago at my Aunt's house.  It was so long ago but I vaguely remember one of my male cousins winning them and giving them to me.  I use them all the time so they were a great inheritance.

Goodnight Winter Hibernation.  Good Morning Spring.