Monday 23 March 2015

Winter Hibernation

It's very fair to say that I have been hibernating all winter.  This year, it is nice to see spring again and all the new things it brings.  I am excited about the longer hours and new projects to come.

Today is my day off.  I usually spend my days off walking Lexi, knitting, reading and watching Netflix.  I decided that I might start sharing what I have on my needles, my W.I.P.s.  W.I.P.s is knitter-speak for work in progress.


I am trying to concentrate on finishing this cardigan.  I am great at starting new knitting projects.  I am finished with the body and have started the first sleeve.  The pattern is Ombre by Tanis Lavallee.  This is her website/blog.  I dyed the yarn.  It is lace weight yarn held double.  It is a result of a dyeing experiment.  It has resulted in the knitted fabric to be a bit marled.  I am not following the gradient directions this time around.  ( I would love to do this pattern again)

The box of tricks are some stitch markers that I made and the scissors are a prize from a Christmas cracker from a zillion years ago at my Aunt's house.  It was so long ago but I vaguely remember one of my male cousins winning them and giving them to me.  I use them all the time so they were a great inheritance.

Goodnight Winter Hibernation.  Good Morning Spring.

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