Wednesday 5 February 2014


Just got informed that Society6 selected this print Keiko to be in the Society6 shop.  Delighted, so I am.

Going to Netflix it up now and finish a cardigan!  Can't wait for it to be finished, so I can dedicate more time to the new cardigan that I started.  Also want to get the last set of increases done on the new cardigan, so I can go to the Stitch and Bitch in the library tomorrow.  Haven't gone since December.

Monday 3 February 2014

Off The Needles - Socks

Off the Needles!  I just finished these.  It's as dull as dish water outside.  It's a bit gloomy and grey.  I like how these are bright and cheery.  Reminds me of Easter colours.  Makes me want to eat jelly beans.

The weather is pretty dismal. It's just one of those days.  I'd love to drink a litre of coffee but it'd do me no good.

Saturday 1 February 2014

My First Plant in the House!

This is my first plant in the house.  My brother bought it for me and then gave me another.  I will photograph that beauty another day.  It was one of my New Year's Resolutions - get some plants for the house.

I'd like to learn more about plants and growing lovely stuff to eat.

Anyway, two new plants for our house are a great start!  Thank you, Brian!  We shall be in touch about repotting this baby.