Tuesday 1 October 2013


I have so many projects on the go.  Decided that I am not allowed to buy anymore yarn until I finish 3 jumpers.  Let's see if it lasts at all.  I got a bunch of yarn yesterday from This is Knit -Studio Donegal, my favourite.

I also I have some projects I need to finish so my personal knitting time shall be limited for the time being (tears on my merino!)

I will show what I am doing with the Nepal sweater that I am knitting with my friend Rachel. She is leaps and bounds ahead of me in our knit along.  I decided I was really unhappy with my first go, so I decided to do something different.  The colours are such a strong contrast, I found it a bit difficult to decide what to do.  I am going figure things out as I go, yarn providing will help design what it will look like.  I am happy that I went with my gut feeling.  Rip it out even if your heart is breaking!  

I am ripping out the grey with the yellow stripes.  It is still on the needles, waiting to be ripped.  I purchased the Nepal Yarn from The Constant Knitter.

I am also on a ripping unwanted projects out phase.  If I don't wear something, I am ripping it out to reknit it into something I will wear.  It is not easy but I do feel it is worth it.  I don't want "dust collectors" lying around not being of any use.  I am really into practical things.  My favourite things are practical wares that keep me warm (that I made!).

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