Wednesday 8 July 2015

Day 5 Tour De Fleece

I got a bit of spinning done today.  Yesterday and today, I didn't have as much time for it.  It is great to do this spinalong because even if you do 5 minutes, it's something and it counts.  There are no real rules.  It is nice to be spinning again.  I might even run out of hand dyed wool before the Tour is finished.  It is fun thinking about what I will knit with these new yarns.  I'd like to make some simple shawls and hats.  I've been looking up patterns and digging through all my handspun yarns.  I do want to start some but I have so many projects on the go.

One day, I will dye and spin matching hat, scarf/cowl/shawl and mittens/fingerless gloves.

I am beginning to find appreciation for fingerless gloves.  A shocking truth is I wore a pair of fingerless gloves that I dyed, spun and knitted while taking Lexi out for our last walk tonight.  Shocking because it's July.

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