Friday 16 August 2013

Box bags, Cosmetic Bags, and Pencil Cases, Oh My!

Here are more box bags, cosmetic bags and pencil cases that I have made.  The name of the game is to have a box bag for every sock project on the go.  Also am making pencil cases and cosmetic cases to house all my pens and bits and bobs.
Been practicing on some upcycled pillow cases and beloved fabric collected through the years.  It has been fun putting them together.  The purple satin fabric is a print I designed years ago and had digitally printed.
Am supposed to be finishing off thumbs on mittens that I have been working on.  The plan was to watch Cider House Rules and knit but I have it paused and have been distracted and pottering around.  Might take a quick stroll with Lexi (my dog) and come back and knit mittens.

I hear winter is coming.

(The photos of Lexi are of her recovering from a walk yesterday.  We got drenched!)

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