Wednesday 21 August 2013

Knitting and Cake

I have a bit of birthday knitting to do yet.  Still slugging away and it is all late.  Lucky for me, the birthday folk are flexible.  Weird year for birthdays.  Our family's birthdays come in clumps and mine is the last one.  The July-August group have 2- 3 weeks between each.  Usually by the time my birthday comes around, we are all fed up of cake and borderline diabetic.  One year, there was so much sugar in the icing/frosting that none of us could sleep the full night until the cake was finished.

This year, my mother didn't want a cake.  My brother is crazy busy at the moment, so we will celebrate or I will make him a cake when he gets time off.  I don't think this soon to be birthday girl (me) will be having a cake as well.  I am trying out the Autoimmune Protocol Diet this summer.  Anytime, I try and go back on any of the no list, I am not well.  As much as I love cake, I don't want to be sick on my birthday.  It is mad to think that this is my first year without a cake but it is a worthy sacrifice to feel good.  (Not 100% easy all the time)

This is a raglan that I am working on and hope to finish soon.  It is actually a remake.  I followed a pattern that is one size fits all.  I must of made a mistake.  Not to worry!  I finally ripped it out a few months ago and finally started cracking this summer.  I have a lot of projects on the go.  I love starting new projects the most.  Trying to finish more projects!!!!

The mitten is knitted with some Studio Donegal and some of my handspun from batts I made myself a while back.

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