Monday 4 August 2014

Happy Birthday Lexi

                   She was so tiny.  This is one of the first pictures we took of her when we got her.

                                                         Our first Christmas with Lexi

                                                                        Carrot love

Regal Part Beagle

Happy Birthday Lexi!  She is two today!  I am even going to whisper Happy Birthday to her sister Milo on the other side of our hedge.

I have Lexi 2 years in November and our life has only improved since then.  Her mother was a beagle/basset hound (unfortunately the mother got hit by a car) and her father is a terrier sort from the neighbourhood. 

Lexi was a bit of an escape artist and used to climb through the hedge and come visit our backgarden.  I adored her the first time I saw her.  I used to take her home to the house she was born in and they would laugh she would be back in my backgarden as I would have the key in my door. My lovely neighbours gave Lexi to me.  Lexi sometimes bumps into her sister and they are hilarious together.  Sisterly hurricane or tornado as they play.

I better get a move on and get my sewing done because the birthday girl will most definitely want to go for a good walk.  Also we need to buy some carrots, one of her favourite foods.  I think both of my siblings would cry if I offered them a carrot on their birthday or any other day.  Lexi even got Molly Moo (my parents' dog and my partner in crime) hooked on carrots.  I love the picture of Molly and Lexi.  

The August birthday season has begun.

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