Thursday 21 May 2015

Frozen Grape

I am reknitting a sweater and this time adding a bit of Studio Donegal into the mix so it will be long sleeved.  I have plenty of the Studio Donegal but I don't know if I have enough of the Shetland handspun yarn to finish the body.  I'll figure something out.  Necessity is the mother of all invention and I am sure some sweater designs and changes are due to the running out of a certain colour.

This is another sweater that I am working on.  This is my knitting landscape, project bags and projects on the go.  I made the stitch marker.  They are so much fun to make.

And in keeping with the purple theme, this is one of my note card designs called Louise Dark Purple and it can be purchased in my Ellie and Ada Etsy Shop.

Or it can come on a range of products like this lovely throw cushion on Society6.

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