Tuesday 19 August 2014


Looks like Isadora is dancing on a scanned page of a very old college notebook. 

Looks like there is a very strong colour theme going through my knitting at the moment.  I dyed all the yarn photographed.  One pair of socks, that I am knitting, is a pattern by Hedgehogfibres.  It is called Vestigial.  Got into the sock buzz again.  And as soon as I get this sweater done, I want to finish one of the 4 ply cardigans that I have on the go.  Might alternate Aran and 4 ply jumpers because knitting 4 ply cardigans can get a little bit boring or 'Are we there yet?'  I was very grateful for the one 4 ply cardigan and sweater that I did make for myself this summer.

I got chips last night and the man in the chipper was laughing that I was already back into the winter gear.  I was wearing a lightweight cowl and hat.  

Was walking by the donkeys in our town (few can say that I am sure) and this little toddler cut loose and just walked out in the middle of the road.  Maybe he was from Dublin and was heading back.  I was walking Lexi and saw this.  I started running towards them shouting and pointing.  "The toddler is in the road.  Baby in the middle of the road.  The baby!"  Cars were beeping.  The little fella kept on trucking.  His family realised and all is well.  The little guy must prefer Shetland ponies to donkeys. 

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