Wednesday 6 August 2014

Love All

I said Shakespeare's time would come.  I feel a little bit more interested in Shakespeare since finding out that my great great grandfather was from Stratford on Avon.  I've known for many years.  I loved English in school but I think if I knew while I had to study Shakespeare's plays, there would be even more enthusiasm. My cousin did some research and found out about our family history.  Our family owned a grocery store across from Shakespeare's birthplace on Henley street around 1860.  I should ask her more.

The photo is of me and Lexi Belle.  I noticed on our walk that we were kind of matching.  She has a purple collar and a blue lead/leash.  The black thing is the camera strap.  A large amount of my clothes are navy blue. 

Better get some work done before lunch.  Haven't touched the scarf but I have decided to rip the whole thing out and start again.

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