Friday 29 August 2014

Snail Mail

Here are some of the cards that have gone up in the Ellie And Ada Shop.  They are a fun way to brighten someone's day.

I have always loved snail mail, receiving and sending off mail.  I would spend hours drawing and colouring in envelopes.  My gran used to playfully roll her eyes and I told her I wanted to amuse the postman with the colourful envelopes as well as the recipient.  I lived a year away from home and the best was getting letters from friends and especially from my sister.  She used to include mix tapes and it meant I was listening to music that hadn't came out in Ireland at the time.

There is something lovely about a handwritten note.  It's not just about getting something other than bills in the post, it is lovely recognizing someone's penmanship and a surprise.  Cards and letters can become souvenirs also.

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