Monday, 11 August 2014

Let There Be Cake

As mentioned before, August is a big birthday season (the other majority of friends and family is March).  John, Lexi and myself were all born in August.  Tomorrow is my brother's birthday and today, I am baking him a teacake - Chocolate jam gluten free cake.  It's actually Nigella Lawson's Store Cupboard Chocolate - Orange cake.  Don't think calling it chocolate jam gluten free cake would sell many slices.  I really like making it and using raspberry or strawberry jam instead of marmalade.  Never was that big into marmalade.  At the weekend, I am going to bake him a proper birthday cake.

Also we have a lot of courgette/zucchini on the go so, I would like to make some courgette loaf (zucchini bread).  I am going to use this recipe.

I got a few things sewn yesterday.  I was in Cavan on Saturday and really am out of interfacing. The little purse is one of the things that I got done yesterday.

John took the picture of the Moon.  It was on his camera.  I decided to share it.  The moon was amazing last night.

Must get a move on!  Hope your Monday treats you well.

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