Sunday 10 August 2014


Sometimes, it seems that there is always so much to do.  I know someone who is near and dear to me and she says when she walks in a room she only sees what needs to be cleaned and tidied.  I will not compare myself to Marie Curie but I always feel that there is a lot that remains to be done.

I am going to start a hand spun, top down raglan sweater with this hand spun yarn, I dyed.  I think the wool is Falkland.  I'll have to check.  I love knitting simple sweaters.  Not smart to start new sweater, when I have so much to finish but I like to have a simple sweater on the go when I want some auto pilot knitting, especially when I am so tired.  I always like having a seamless, top down sweater on the go because when you don't feel like trying things on and figuring out when to stop decreasing for sleeves, it's great to knit these great big seas of stockinette stitch without worry.  I was so wrecked last night, I only managed to get a few lines of a swatch done before falling asleep.  My big feather cushion, that I sewed the cover for, was my accomplice.

I'm going to tidy up a bit then maybe do a little bit of sewing and then I am going to swatch for my new raglan sweater.  I will restart that scarf.  I'll work on the scarf in the mornings instead of socks until I get the scarf finished.  
Enjoy your Sunday.  I think I might need another cup of coffee to jumpstart me.

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