Friday 5 September 2014

My 21st

I am now living 21 years in Ireland.  I am happy to report this.  Happy to be here and happy to stay.

I am cleaning my kitchen.  I can't wait till I am finished.  I am giving it a much needed tidy.  I got rid of many items I don't need and I also made a colossal amount of chutney.  It is the River Cottage Chutney.  It used up a lot of the courgette/zucchinis I got from home.  

I am going apple picking soon so I will be making more chutney using the recipes that I tried last year.  I will try a few more recipes this year as well.  I am cleaning jars.  Hate it.  It is so hard to remove the sticky stuff.

I much rather be knitting and watching Mad Men.

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