Wednesday 17 September 2014


The sock is also the second sock of the Vestigial pattern.  These I am hoping to finish today.  Had high hopes of finishing them last night but it didn't happen.  I love the Halloween print on that box bag I made.  It's September and it feels more like summer than August did.  Though in honour of Fall coming, I got out my Autumnal project bags.

I also like to spend my time thinking about what I am going to do with my sock yarn leftovers.  I am constantly tempted to crochet myself a blanket.  I have been looking at these blankets.  I really like these- Simple Solid Granny Square, the Little Hug Blanket and the Hexagon Blanket.  Another option is to use the sock yarn leftovers as stripes in other sweaters or scarves/cowls.

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